The general aim of a school is to provide best and holistic education to its pupils which includes the development of qualities of integrity. honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion and to promote scientific temper, spirit of inquiry, coupled with human values. This way the student is intergrated with environment and adopts courage and endurance as permanent traits. A team dedicated to the core, beaming with joy, high spirits, adept in different activities is ready to instill academic, aesthetic and athletic traits in the pupils, so as to create an environment enriched with the excitement of discovery, challenge, competitiveness and discipline based on the belief of responsibility and freedom.


Alpine Vidhyapeeth is a dream institution, nurtures students as responsible citizens through holistic learning without tormenting them with burden of rote learning. We sensitize the children to feel, observe, listen, understand and respond.

School upholds the Indian traditions, combining our heritage of culture with modern world teaching so that the students develop their skills and become enlightened and worthy citizens of modern India.
To prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.

As well as imparting knowledge and information school encourages the development of complete human being from within, freeing children from conditions which prevents them from realizing their full inner potential.
Preparation of students for life by developing in them the qualities of the leader which enable them to cope with the demands of life besides being a concerned and contributing members of the family, society and the Nation.